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Back to School…

fruit_apple_apple-tree_wallpaper_apple_10Well, we’ve been taking a summer off, partly due to not having computers and partly due to travelling the world! Rest assured, we have been gathering material for future posts, and normal service is about to be resumed.

We’ll be continuing our detailed accounts of what the new curriculum means for teaching science. In fact, as the government has recommended that the old curriculum can be suspended for science as of now, we’ll be experimenting with planning and delivering elements of the new science curriculum and reporting back on our findings.

The approaching Autumn is a great time for exploring the outdoors and science opportunities, so another theme will be our very own version of ‘Autumnwatch’. We’ll give you ID tips, let you know what’s about of interest and provide some ideas for learning stimuli.

Keep checking back, new posts will start up again in the next few days… Don’t forget, if there’s something you’re especially interested in, feel free to send us a message or leave a comment.

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